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Axway Transfer CFT

Fast and secure file transfers between applications of any type and location.

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Axway Transfer CFT takes the complexity out of integrating applications across platforms, operating systems, and locations. You'll reduce your operating expenses and guarantee uniform service quality across the board. Manage all your direct application-to-application file transfers smoothly and securely across your entire ecosystem from a single MFT control centre. Additionally, you can ensure on-time delivery with tight security and total traceability of your file-based application integrations.

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Axway Transfer CFT is used to transform

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Integrate all your applications across all platforms

Integrate any application, regardless of location (cloud or on-premises) or the underlying platform. Support for over 16 platforms and the ability to integrate new and legacy applications ensure you meet all your application needs with a single solution.

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Support your move to the cloud

Enable legacy applications to live in the cloud. Transfer CFT connects everything, everywhere, ensuring the exchange of files between legacy and modern applications.

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Take care of all file transfer patterns

Select one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one transfers, plus broadcast, store, and forward capabilities. With Transfer CFT, you can choose folder monitoring, pre- and post-processing, file compression, and much more.

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Maintain enterprise reliability and performance

Ensure guaranteed delivery with end-to-end acknowledgment and horizontal scalability from application to application with file transfer acceleration, bandwidth throttling, and prioritisation.

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Protect sensitive data

Leverage the advanced security features used by some of the l argest financial organisations in the world to secure files at rest and in transit and to fully protect all your sensitive files.

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Meet every SLA with unlimited scalability

Transfer CFT can be used as a standalone or multi-node cluster to transfer millions of files per day with unlimited file size and zero downtime, ensuring that you never miss a service level agreement.

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Implement central audit and visibility

Compliance with regulations that require full visibility, auditing, and non-repudiation of origin can be made sure with monitoring that is both business- and IT-focused.

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Create MFT shared services

Leverage the REST APIs to integrate Transfer CFT user and administrative capabilities into third-party applications. Integrate with Axway SecureTransport to exchange application data with external partners.

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Centralise administration

Provide centralised management for all your MFT ecosystem – including Transfer CFT – using Axway Flow Manager for mass deployment, monitoring, and administration capabilities.

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Save time with containerised deployments

Ensure fast, consistent deployments and updates across all platforms using containerised deployment.

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