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Axway SecureTransport

Scalable, secure file transfer that meets your toughest business demands.

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The same MFT solution used in the largest, highest-value deployments in the world, Axway SecureTransport ensures uncompromising performance, scalability, reliability, and functionality. Break through all of your deployment limitations, reduce costs and complexity, and add self-service options to meet your most demanding business needs and compliance requirements.

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Capabilities of Axway SecureTransport

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Enterprise-grade capabilities

SecureTransport is the most scalable and resilient MFT product on the market, with fault tolerance and high availability to meet the critical file transfer needs of your organisation. Enterprise clustering, zero-downtime upgrades, file transfer acceleration, and guaranteed delivery ensure you never miss a service level agreement.

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Full audit and governance

Complete audit, reporting, and alerting capabilities keep you on top of business. You get realtime notification of technical or business-related issues that may impact your SLAs. Meet regulatory governance requirements with comprehensive tracking and auditing of all transfers.

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Make MFT services available

Use the REST APIs to make it easy to expose MFT services and integrate SecureTransport with your existing IT infrastructure and file transfer processes. This will help you keep your investments and get the most out of them.

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World-class support

Axway helps you plan, build, and support your MFT ecosystem so that your business doesn’t stop.

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Comprehensive security

SecureTransport offers end-to-end controls and clear visibility into your data regardless of the applications, systems, or platforms you and your trading partners have in place. All data is encrypted and secured at all stages of the transfer.

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Delegate administration

Integrate with Axway Flow Manager for business and IT self-service capabilities. A single administrative and management user interface supports your complete MFT ecosystem.

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Flexible deployment

Choose what works for you. Axway SecureTransport supports all major deployment methods, including on-premises, cloud, hybrid, and as a managed service.

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