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Axway Flow Manager

Flow Manager by Axway standardises, centralises, controls, and reuses.

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You can deploy Axway Flow Manager anywhere, maintain central control, and equip IT and business users with MFT self-service capabilities. Increase the operational efficiency of your whole internal- and external-facing data exchange ecosystem, reduce time to revenue, and streamline and standardise your business to meet the file transfer needs of the future.

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Capabilities of Axway Flow Manager

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Enable self-service

Speed flow creation and deployment by up to 90% with user-focused templates that allow self-service. Reduce business users' dependency on IT while enforcing your organisation’s standards.

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Centrally manage your MFT ecosystem

Control all aspects of your MFT environment and gain a consistent point of view using a single administration console for deployment, configuration, and management.

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Standardise flows and reduce risk

Maintain IT control over technical and security factors while standardising flow creation among technical and business users. Easily defined flow templates cut risk by keeping security configuration away from nontechnical endusers.

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Build rich integrations

Using the REST API, you can add administrative, flow management, and governance features to third-party custom applications or your IT service management (ITSM) solution.

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Choose your deployment model

Deploy on-premises, in a private or public cloud, or as a service. Axway’s hybrid architecture lets you manage your entire MFT ecosystem independently of the deployment model you choose.

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Stay on top of events

Know what's happening now — and what didn't happen as expected — by integrating outof-the-box with sophisticated monitoring solutions that provide dashboards and configurable notifications for product or flow incidents.

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