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Axway Operational Intelligence

Your MFT operations supercharged.

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Manage and protect your file transfers, while driving down costs and improving service quality, with Axway MFT Operational Intelligence. Operational Intelligence gives you real-time monitoring and predictive analytics, as well as the notification logic of Axway Decision Insight, so you can track MFT activity from beginning to end using Axway SecureTransport MFT gateways and Axway Transfer CFT controllers for all use cases.

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Capabilities of Axway Operational Intelligence

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Predictive analytics algorithms

Unlike traditional reporting systems, which only alert you when activity deviates from the parameters you manually enter, Operational Intelligence analyses all file transfers and automatically notifies you of any issues or failures immediately.

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Automated fault prevention

Operational Intelligence can automatically flag and anticipate specific file transfer problems – such as a partner connectivity issue, maxed-out capacity, or network loss – so you can quickly submit a ticket or call an API.

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Pattern detections provide end-to end visibility

Get an at-a-glance view of any recurring pattern for all your file transfers within your organisation and put them in context. By being proactive with your end users and partners, you can find out when your activities are at their busiest and fix any problems sooner.

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Support all your MFT products

Extend analytics to SecureTransfer MFT gateways and Transfer CFT MFT controllers from a single control dashboard with automatic configuration based on transfer events.

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Upgrade to the full version of Decision Insight

Extend your investment to a full Axway Decision Insight licence across all lines of business for visibility into APIs, message queues, databases, logs used in payment processes, supply chain logistics, workforce monitoring, and other systems.

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Hybrid cloud prepared

Future-enable your MFT operations by deploying Operational Intelligence onpremises, in your private cloud, or using Axway Managed Cloud Services for MFT.

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